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Speak to one of the Hype Dance Fitness Instructors in North London

Only £6.50 per lesson, or block book five lessons for £25! Book today and join the fitness fun!

Harlow - Edmonton - Cheshunt - Chingford


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Contact Hype Dance Fitness today

At Hype Dance Fitness, we promise a fun fitness workout choreographed by an experienced dancer and dance instructor. Learn the different styles of dance we can teach, and find out more about our upcoming events across North London. Join the fun and book today!

We also offer a monthly subscription, ideal for those on a fitness mission who want exclusive access to videos and updates!

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07577 771763

Available 9am-5pm daily


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Frequently Asked Questions


How long are your dance classes?

All our dance classes last a minimum of 45 minutes, but can last longer depending on the HYPE! Once the beat takes over, we're happy to see where it leads!

How much do your dance classes cost?

Our single dance classes are only £6.50 each, and you can book a block of five classes for £25, saving £1.50 per class!

Is there any nearby parking available?

Yes, we have free parking available for all classes at each location, so you don't have to pay extra.

What should I wear to a dance class?

We advise wearing basic gym attire, such as trainers, leggings, anything comfortable and secure. We ask to please be careful with waist trainers or shape wear, and to make sure that they're not too tight.

What abilities do I need to have to join the class?

You don't need any previous fitness or dance training, you can start as a complete beginner! No matter your ability, our routines are designed for all.

How do I learn the choreography?

We teach the same routine over 4 to 6 weeks, so over time you'll pick up the steps and feel confident in the choreography from start to finish.

Dance fitness class Essex

Speak to dance instructors in North London and Essex, get in touch with Hype Dance Fitness today!

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