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World Renowned Dance Instructor Working across North London

Find out a little more about Amisha Anderson - An instructor with a true passion for a variety of modern dance styles and years of experience working around the globe!

Harlow - Edmonton - Cheshunt - Chingford


About Amisha Anderson

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The director of HYPE DANCE FITNESS is Amisha Anderson who has been dancing since the age of six. She spent her younger years in dance competitions across London, and was part of a carnival band for ten years when she danced on a float being photographed for newspapers.


Amisha not only had a passion for dance but acting too. She attended Anna Scher drama school for a short period. At sixteen, Amisha attended Hammersmith College and completed her performing arts course then unto Surrey Roehampton University for a BA in Dance. Amisha also attended an international church where one of the leaders noticed her dancing and made enquires and she quickly became the head of the dance ministry internationally. She taught dance to a youth dance troop of thirty and they travelled to the Caribbean and America doing both street dance and worship dance.


She also found her voice in church and was part of the choir and main praise and worship team. Many came from different churches to watch the troop performances. Amisha had her first daughter Je'nai Anderson aka Miss J who walked straight into her mothers footsteps without even trying.  Amisha focused on her daughters desire to be in the performing arts industry and trained Miss J behind the scenes. Her daughter has won many trophies and a world dance champion at eight years old.  Miss J  has been featured in several films and performed on many stages throughout the UK.


Amisha, now a mother of two, decided it was now time to focus on herself, and after attending one Zumba class was encouraged to train to become an instructor for Dance Fitness. And the rest is history. Hype Dance Fitness is a class where you build confidence, your body becomes toned, lose pounds and have fun. And leave feeling 'HYPE'!

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